Why You Should Consider Using Alcohol Stove?

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One perfect solution if you are looking for a light and small source of heat and fire is the so called alcohol stove. Yes, it is true that we have that particular kind of thing today. This kind of stove is somewhat popular among backpacker and even adventurer who need to have a source of fire and heat which can be brought to anywhere they are going. Clearly there are good things about using this type of alcohol powered stove. Are you curious about that now?

By using this type of stove you may find that it is perfectly inexpensive, it has no complicated moving parts, it is also durable, it does not produce noise at all, and of course it is cheap plus easy to use. Those are the good things about alcohol stove if you want to know them in brief. In order to make sure that those benefits are true, checking out the price or cost related to the use of it is important.

If you are using the gas type, you may need to spend around $75 up to $125 for the piece which still needs to be taken care very well for it to function properly over the time. Meanwhile the alcohol burning stove will only need about $20 up to $40 to get the job done. Plus there is no need of such complicated maintenance task to keep it functions properly all the times with alcohol stove.

On the other hand, you may as well experience such setback when using alcohol stove unfortunately. The fact that alcohol only contains half of the energy by weight ratio as that on the gas or butane, it means that it will cook slower compared to those gas or butane. Thus you may need to be patience when using it to cook. In a simple way it can be said that using alcohol stove needs twice the time of gas to cook the same thing.

Furthermore if you are using this stove type, you have to control the environment at first since it is highly sensitive to wind change. Thus you have to watch it all along if you are using it in a kind of windy area. Yet, some models or brands of this stove offers built-in windshield around the burner so that you can deal with the wind problem easily. Aside of this things, the use of alcohol stove still a good idea in certain situations though such as the time when you have no gas and electricity.

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