Why Must We Choose VCT Tile?

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Bedroom is the place where you start and end your day. You wake up there and you close your eyes there, too. Bedroom designs unconsciously influence the owner of the bedroom.  The interior, the element, and the color of the bedroom can influence your mood when you are in the bedroom. It is the reason why decoration of a bedroom is very important for you. One of the bedroom design aspect is tile flooring. You can choose VCT Tile for your bedroom for several reasons. If you are not aware, many Commercial vinyl flooring have been distributed to people all around the world to beautify their bedroom.

VCT Tile is Vinyl Composition Tile. Vinyl is becoming more popular nowadays because it has many various colors and patterns. The designs of the vinyl are also various. You can even choose more than one design to beautify your rooms. So, here are some reasons why you have to consider vinyl as your tile flooring for your bedroom.

The first advantage of VCT Tile is that unique characteristic of vinyl in which the surface is very soft compared to wood for flooring. It is the characteristic that differentiates vinyl with other materials. If ceramic will feel cold when you step on it, you won’t feel cold. It’s warmer, even in rainy season. Not only that, vinyl has layers of fabric and foam that make it comfortable when being stepped.

Then, as mentioned before, VCT Tile has so many choices of colors and patterns. Even, it is made to look like other materials such as wood, ceramic, and stones. You can check, for instance, Armstrong VCT tile distribution in order to look for the newest or the most favorite colors and models of VCT Tile. The next advantage is that it is durable. Compared to other materials, it has durability in more than 20 years. It is also water and stretch resistant. Then, the color is not easily faded, too.

The next advantage is that VCT Tile is antimicrobial. The design is formed with layers that protect the tile form bacteria’s growth. The treatment of VCT Tile is not difficult, too, since it does not need special treatment like waxing or polishing. The last advantage is that it is affordable, even it can be low in price when you want to have VCT tile for your floor. Sometimes, you can get VCT for sale, too. If not, don’t worry because it will only cost $6 TO $20/meters.

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