Wainscoting Bathroom Wall Cabinet for Your Bathroom

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When talking about cabinet storage, we directly go to kitchen wall cabinet. You have to understand first that country kitchen is made to be used, not to be seen and then you can admire it. It means that the furniture including the kitchen cabinets must be strong, long lasting, and durable material. The wood that you can choose for the cabinets is better pine. You do not have to worry because pinewood is available in reasonable and friendly price. But, another room might need cabinets, too. What about having bathroom wall cabinet?

Bathroom wall cabinet functions as storage where you can keep your clean and dry towel there. You can also put the shampoo and the soaps, there. If it is possible, you can store your makeup and bathing clothes in the cabinets, too, because some people, especially women, are fond of dressing up in the bathroom. You can apply mirrored bathroom wall cabinet also. If it has mirror, of course the dressing and making up activity in the bathroom will be more comfortable since you can look your own appearance.

The shape and size of your bathroom wall cabinet must be matched to the color of the wall and the bathroom designs. If your bathroom is small, choose small cabinet. If it is large, you can go for larger one. Square and long cabinet floating on the wall are better choice. Besides having Bathroom storage wall cabinet in your bathroom, it will be better if you apply bathroom wainscoting, too. What is actually bathroom wainscoting? Why is it needed?

Wainscoting is kind of paneling the wall using wood. The reason of wainscoting bathroom is that it keeps your bathroom’s wall keep clean, and the paint will not peel off. It is because, usually, only the lower parts of the wall that will be touched directly by water. The wall above is not touched, so the paint color will be more durable. If you are planning to wainscot bathroom, it is good for your own advantage in making the paint wall durable. So, besides having bathroom wall cabinet as the storage, you also protect your bathroom wall.

Just like bathroom wall cabinet, bathroom wainscoting can be used for decoration purpose of the bathroom, preventing water damage, covering up the wall from the damage caused by water, and insulating, too. It depends on people’s need when installing wainscot. But usually they have two purposes; to prevent the wall from water damage and to decorate their bathroom in order to make it more beautiful.

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