Talavera Tile to Put Mexican Vibe in Your House

talavera tile grout

Decorating a house or apartment is every people’s dream on giving their touch of personality. Adding a few accent in your house can be done through arrangements of furniture or might be the decorations. Have you ever thought on having a Talavera tile to be placed in one of your rooms? It can be the accent in your bathroom or even your kitchen.

Bathroom is an important room, in which you can do so many innovations with the decorations and tile design. One of the most famous designs for your bathroom is having a Talavera Mexican tile. The Mediterranean vibe will strikingly make your bathroom shine most with the Mexican pattern on the wall or the vanity table. You also can choose the Talavera tile which represents your personality.

What You Need To Do Before Installing Talavera Tile

Before installing the Talavera tile, you need to be aware that the material of Talavera tile is the baked clay that is really fragile and easy to break. Thus, this kind of tile could not be placed for the bathroom floor—instead it can be placed on your bathroom wall as the backsplash. It has to be in the center of your bathroom scheme because it should be the main attraction for your bathroom.

You need to know that this Talavera tile is made from baked clay, and one shape to another cannot be totally same in size because it is handmade. This tile is made from baked clay which is really easy to absorb water, that’s why you need to prevent this before you install the tile in your bathroom. You can preseal the tile with penetrating sealer to prevent water soaked through the material.

As Talavera tile different in size and somewhat buckled and bend when they are baked, that’s why you need to lay out the installation surface with the grid line to help you install the tiles. The line will help you to have a straight installation of the tiles. Even then, you need an extra work of puling the tiles up that are bubbled on the surface and push it slightly to get back and pressed on the wall. For your tiles on the wall you can use a pencil or laser to draw the layout according to the size of the tile. This has to be done in order to make a good line on your wall tiles.

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