Portable Stove Fuel Energy That Suits Your Need

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Who does not need portable stove when planning to go camping or backpacking? It is a cooking stove that is especially designed to be lightweight and portable. It is usually used by people who is remote and moves from one place to another, or while they are camping, backpacking, or on a picnic. This kind of stove is various; there are Portable gas stove, portable electric stove, and portable wood stove. You can choose which type of stove you need because different stoves will be used depend on the different needs.

Portable Stove’s Energy Sources

There are several types of energies that are used by portable stove. The first is propane. It is used for people who are planning to use the stove at high altitude in which the air is cold at night. This kind stove is suitable in a cooler climate. It is more expensive to use compared to kerosene. And it is better than butane source. The second one is butane. It gives temperature that is immediate high but without priming’s need. It does not work well in a cold weather.

The next type of portable stove energy is kerosene. It is the less violate and is a high heat output stove compared to petroleum energy stove. It is used by people who travel to abroad. But, different from butane fuel stove, it needs priming. Then, there is electricity needed. The strength of this kind of stove is that it can be used in anywhere, in which outlets are available.

Nevertheless, the problem is that not all campgrounds provide and guarantee their electrical outline is functional. It can be used in an apartment or in a dorm as long as the stove meets general standard. This kind of stove is also inexpensive to run. The fifth energy of portable stove is alcohol. The stoves operated by alcohol are usually small and single units. The advantage of this type is that it burns very quietly, but it must be warmed up first before being used in cold weather. But, the food cooked by this kind of energy will take a long time since the output of the heat is slow.

Wood is another energy used by portable stove. This is used in military and by scientist who conduct temporary research and they stay in an extremely cold weather.  But, this portable stove will create very smoky fire. So, which one do you need for your planning to travel? Choose one that suits your need and condition, then.

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