Most Creative Designs of Unique Bookshelves

If you have reading book as your daily activity, you must have some bookshelves in some of your home rooms and space. You store, keep and show off your book collections. However, you need to realize that you can take more benefit by adding unique bookshelves. They will present unpredictable look and this is a great idea to improve your home interior. Remove all of your ordinary bookshelves with symmetrical rectangle design and replace with some of these best unique wall bookshelves.

Some Surprising Unique Wall Bookshelves

The invisible bookshelves come as the first best unique bookshelves. The shelf is directly screwed into a wall and then you can put some of your books on the self. A single of this shelf can hold books up to 15 pounds. It will be not enough to have a single shelf because applying more shelves in odd application will create more stunning interior d├ęcor. It is not the shelf that decorate the room, but the book itself. Thus, you can arrange some shelves and books based on size and colors.

Unique bookshelves in industrial design style were designed by KKatz. Flickering iron pipes can hold some books in two different sides of wall. Finished in black, this unique bookshelves design looks so impressive to meet any colored wall. Breathtaking unusual bookshelf is offered by Tembolat Gugkaev. The Cutshelves are unique bookshelves that seem to divide a wall side into two sides. Its special design makes the interior effortlessly decorated. Moreover, it is also featured with decorative light that enables the reader find the book easily.

Odd design concept is getting so popular recently. One of the best unique bookshelves designed based on this concept is the Malagana: Equilibrium Bookcase, designed by Alejandro Gomez. There are some shelves which are designed in rectangular shapes. They have different size. Then, they are smartly stacked with the biggest shelf in the lowest part and the smallest one in the top. Take a look how they are structured. It is just awesome! Equilibrium is strong enough to keep over 120 Lbs.

Booktree is another example of unique bookshelves. The designer, Kostas Syrtariotis wants to fill the room with breezy summer feeling. Having a single booktree will be not enough. You can have two or three booktrees with different color tone and let them work for better interior decoration. Then, simply add an ottoman or armchair with footboard to start reading. Will you feel the summer treat?

Gallery of Most Creative Designs of Unique Bookshelves

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