Do You Believe That AGA Stove Provides Almost All Your Need?

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Have you ever heard about AGA stove? AGA stands for Aktiebolaget Gas Accumulator. It is the cooker of heat storage. The way it works is based on the principle that a heavy frame that is made from components of cast iron can absorb the heat from low-intensity that is relative. But, it burns continuously. The thing interesting is that it can use the accumulated heat when needing to cook. You can find some AGA stove reviews to find out what is interesting about this stove.

AGA stove is pre-set temperature. It is enameled cast iron cost as mentioned before. It is large, and traditionally the stove is always in the “on” condition and has no dials or switches on the stove. But, as the technology develops, the stove can be in “sleep” mode. Most of this stove is available with two plates that are hot on the top of them. One plate functions to boil, and the other one is used to simmer.

The most interesting thing about AGA stove is that each plate can hold one up to three saucepans at time on it! Insulated and hinged lids cover the plates. It is used to retain the constant heat in while you are swinging them down to the hot plates that are not used. Then, you might be surprised because when the covers are closed, you can use it for drying clothes on the top of it. It is possible because it gets mildly warmer.

AGA stove price in 2010 is around $8,800 to $17,500 US. You can purchase this kind of stove which runs on diesel, electricity and natural or propane gas. There are also some AGA dual-fuel or AGA multifuel stove. AGA stove requires a chimney so that you might not worry since it does not need extractor fan. How come? Well, it is because the cooking smells coming from the oven go directly out that flue.

The model of AGA stove is various. There are some of stoves that have two ovens. It has baking or roasting oven and also a simmer oven, too. Then, there are three models that add more baking oven. Wow, it is also available with four premium model! It has additional plat on the top. It is used for warming and it adds warming oven where other models do not have. The other models are also powered by coal though this original fuel for stoves is not used anymore.

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