Consider Color, Design, and Tile Patterns for Relaxed Bathroom!

tile patterns and percentages

Maybe you want to have a new bathroom that will look better than the old one. And now you are wondering about the tile suitable for your bathroom. Usually, people choose the plain ones because they love something simple. Or, they choose plain with dark colors since it is for bathroom. It depends on your need. But, it would be better if you know some of tile patterns and you decide which pattern is suitable for your bathroom floor.

You have to be careful in choosing tile for the bathroom. Why? It is because tile for bathroom is always connected to water. You have to know tile pattern names in order to accommodate your need and your bathroom room design. Beside tile patterns, important suggestion on the tile for bathroom is that you have to make sure not to choose slippery tiles for your bathroom. Tiles with rough surface will be safer when it is being stepped in. Then, it is better if you choose small patterns of tiles for a small bathroom and big pattern for a large bathroom.

What about tile bathroom’s colors? Besides tile patterns, it is important to consider about the colors, too. It is suggested to choose light colors to make the nuance of the bathroom brighter. Do not forget to choose the tile that is durable since it will be installed in the wettest place in your house. The quality of the tile must be considered, too. After that, you can go for tile layout patterns.

There are so many kinds of tile patterns, tile designs, and models. At least there are five patterns of tile for bathroom. They are puzzle pattern, natural pattern, water pattern, fabric pattern, and key-locked pattern. But, there are also some basic patterns for bathroom such as square pattern, round pattern, and flower pattern.

Floor tile patterns will influence your look of your bathroom. For example, if you choose plain pattern, it will make the look and the nuance of your bathroom neat, simple, and relax. If you choose tile patterns, it will make different touch of the bathroom nuance. For instance, if you apply thick mosaic tile pattern it will make the bathroom look busy.  If not, the most mainstream tile floor for bathroom is checkered floor. It is classical and it has retro character. It would be suitable for your bathroom since it combines black and white color beautifully. It will color up your bathroom, like a modern and classical nuance that becomes one. Good luck then!

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