Guides to Find the Best and Right Ceiling Lights for Kitchen

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Every room in our home needs enough lighting so that we can do some things in every room cozily even in the evening or in the middle of the night. We need ceiling lights because the sun cannot send its light into our rooms in the evening. Do you know which light is the best one for your rooms? If you don’t, you sure need to read and finish this article so that you’ll avoid some mistakes people usually made in choosing ceiling lights designs.

Your ceiling is a great canvas where you can place some awesome ceiling decorations like ceiling lights. Even though each of all lightings is beautiful, you need avoid installing too many recessed down lights. Well, recessed down lights may be cheaper than the other lightings, but installing so many recessed down lights will not provide more lights in your room. Your recessed down lights will provide lights directly to the flooring of your room. So many recessed down lights make your room feels and looks like cave since those lights can’t enlighten your walls.

If you’re looking for the right ceiling lights for your kitchen that has dining table set as its island, use the recessed down lights on some spots of your kitchen ceiling. But for the ceiling of your kitchen island or dining table set, hang one or two pendant lamps with minimalist design and completed with dimmer so you’ll make the room looks romantic and impressive for your family dinner. Don’t forget to add some recessed lightings under your upper cabinets to ease you while you work on the preparation table.

IKEA Ceiling Lights Tips for the Ceiling of a Beautiful Kitchen

Are there some upper cabinets in your kitchen? If so, you need to consider one between LED, xenon, or fluorescent (T5) task lights to be installed under your upper cabinets. But if your kitchen doesn’t have upper cabinets, ceiling lights or wall lights will be great to help you preparing the meals and decorate your kitchen at the same time.

If your kitchen is also a dining room where you and your wife are used to get romantic dinner, opt for ceiling lights that are completed with dimmer. Dimmer will not only provide more romantic accent to your kitchen and dining room, but it is also able to decrease the heat output and energy. Dimmer can also lengthen the life of our lamps.

Important Preparations to Be Done before Installing Ceiling Tiles

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Are you going to install ceiling tiles on your ceiling? You have to prepare your ceiling before you start installing the tiles. Clean your ceiling first. Use your broom to clean the very dirty ceiling. Before you clean your ceiling using broom, cover your broom with tee shirt that will remove any dirt. Check for greasy or very dirty ceiling. If it is very greasy, you need to scrub the ceiling with cleaner that’s purposed to clean anything. Take a sponge and use it to scrub your ceiling before installing bathroom ceiling tiles.

Wait for a while before you start tiling your ceiling and let your ceiling completely dry. Why should we clean and dry our ceiling before we install the ceiling tiles? Our ceiling tiles will stick much more effectively on ceiling that has clean surface. Installing tiles on the ceiling that’s dirty can be really tricky. That’s why we need to make sure if the ceiling is completely clean and dry so we won’t feel hard to tile the ceiling.

Now, we must get our room and ceiling measured so we’ll see how many tiles we’ll need to cover the entire ceiling of a room. To measure our room’s square footage, we can use a measuring tape. Use this tape to get the record of the length of the ceiling. Next, we must measure the width of our ceiling. Now, multiply the number of length and width so we’ll get the square footage. As a sample, if the ceiling’s length is twelve feet and the ceiling width is fifteen feet, 180 inches is your ceiling’s square footage. Now, you’re ready to prepare the ceiling tiles.

Preparations to Make before Installing Ceiling Tiles

We understand that you’re curious about how to install ceiling tiles, but it is important to prepare enough tiles before you start tiling the ceiling. How many tiles we will need to cover our ceiling depends on the size of tiles we opt for. For example, if you want ceiling tiles with twenty four inches wide and twenty four inches long or two feet long and two feet length for your ceiling with 180 square footage measurements, you need at least forty five inches.

How do we know we’ll need forty five tiles? First you need to multiply the width and length of the tile so that you’ll get the square footage of the tile. Now, you must divide your ceiling’s square footage with the tile’s square footage. Now, since you already knew the measurement of your ceiling and how many tiles necessary to cover the ceiling, you’re ready to install the ceiling tiles.

Modern Designs of Ceiling Fans to Add Styles in Your Home

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Talking about home decorating is always interesting. When you come to the decision of decorating home, you must pay attention to many things including the choice of the furniture. Considering what furniture that should and should not be put in your home is important. There is much furniture that should be found in the home. And for our today’s discussion, we are going to talk about the furniture that every home has. What is that? It is about ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans are mostly owned by homeowner. Besides giving the effect for creating wind in the room, the existence of ceiling fans can also be the decorative element in the home. Although Air Conditioner has been found in the home, it is still okay to have the fans hanging above you. Even, nowadays you can find many kinds of fans. There are many modern ceiling fans that can meet with the modern home design that you have.

Like what have been mentioned before, you can find many kinds of ceiling fans. In choosing the best ceiling fans, you should consider the large of the room first. It is because the fans nowadays are provided in large and small. They can be 52”, 54”, 56”, and 60”. So, the large room will need different fans with the smallest room. The fans hanging at the ceiling are also provided in many styles. They can be the fans which are completed with the lights. Search LED integrated fans and you will be interested with that. You can also find the fans completed with kits and also remote.

Ceiling fans are also made of various materials which can give different colors. You can choose bronze which can give black color of the fans. Meanwhile if you want to get silver color of the fans, you can choose brushed nickel. There is also fan in white color. When you are going to buy the fans, besides considering the size of the room, you have to consider the entire design of your home also. Consider the choice of the color of the other furniture so you can create balance in the room.

To find the products of the ceiling fans, you can try to search in the online furniture stores. There will be many choices of the products completed with the details information about the products. Besides that, the prices are also various. If you are lucky enough, you can get discount for the product. But when you come to the decision of buying the product in online furniture, you have to choose trusted furniture stores.