Always Be In Style with White Subway Tile

white subway tile alabaster grout

White is a beautiful neutral color for your room, walls, and any decorations. White always symbolize clean and elegant look everywhere you go. Having a white subway tile in your bathroom or kitchen could never be boring because white is the perfect color for every theme. You can see it everywhere where there are many white tiles to decorate every house. You can always turn your kitchen or bathroom into something unique with white tile as the background or the main attraction.

How to Plan Your Choice of White Subway Tile

If you are still confused in which kind of white subway tile you could choose, you can find many inspirations from everywhere, starts from the television to your friend’s house. You can take a look deeply into their decorations of white tiles. White subway tile ideas also can be found on the online stores. Moreover, they will provide you some review of the size and even materials.

Considering the materials would be your first concern. There are many choices of white subway tile materials such as ceramic, marble, natural stone, limestone, and travertine. You can always look out for the benefit of each material and compare it to your choice. Of course, the white ceramic is the most popular one because it’s not expensive and also very easy to clean. You don’t need that much maintenance for the white subway tile.

Whether you want a glossy finishing or a softer finish, it all depends with your design. If you want the white subway tile to be the main attraction in your bathroom or kitchen, you can choose the glossy finishing. If you want the tiles to be the background, and you want something to be the main attraction, you could have a softer finishing. You have to consider that this tile is only parts of your entire design, so you need to consider the other elements too, because adding too much gloss will make your attraction disappear.

Another way to decorate your bathroom or kitchen tile is by choosing the right tone colors of white. There are many colors of white subway tile. You could choose the pure white for your tiles, and this will make your bathroom or kitchen shine bright with the pure white. If you want a softer vibe, you can have the creamy white as the color of your tiles. You can also have the experiment with grout because white tiles and the color of grout could be a perfect match for your tile.

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