Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Trundle Bed

trundle bed for boy

Bedroom is one of the most important aspects of your home that you should really consider. It is important for you to design your bathroom in such a way so that it will appear beautifully and make you feel comfortable. When you talk about your bathroom, then you need to consider about your bathroom furniture, too. Well, have you ever heard about a trundle bed before? Here, you will know several matters of the bed so you can consider having it.

Actually, the concept of trundle bed is similar to bunk bed or loft bed. So, you can tell that this kind of bed looks very perfect for kids’ bedroom, even though you may also use this for your bedroom. Bed with trundle is actually two beds in one unit. This kind of bed contains two parts of bed: the upper part is considered as the main bed and one beneath the upper bed, in the form of a drawer, as the secondary bed.

Seeing through the design of a trundle bed frame, this bed can help you in saving the space of your bedroom. It is so because you can have two beds without having to provide much space like what you do when you have a kind or queen bed. Therefore, when you have a bedroom with a limited space, a trundle bed can be a perfect choice for you. Besides that, this a bed with trundle can make your bedroom looks tidy.

When you have a trundle bed frame, it means that you can insert the frame beneath the upper bed when it is not in use. So, you can make your bedroom appears cleanly. Bur, if you decide to use a trundle bed, you need to know that you cannot utilize the space under the bed frame like what you can do when you have a usual bed frame for a kind and queen bed. So, you have to prepare another space as your storage.

Aside from that, since a trundle bed has a design where it is divided into two parts: upper and lower, you may feel a little bit uncomfortable while talking to your sleeping partner. Generally, people will like to talk to their partner face to face or side by side. But with this bed with trundle, you will not be able to do that since you and your partner must be in a different bed. But still, you can tolerate the disadvantages, right?

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